Thursday, January 26, 2012

Civility on Decline

She is just behaving yucky

It seems every year around this time, our society takes another step away from grace and class. Was it last year that a congressman shouted "liar"? People are angry, and I get that. But waving a finger in the president's face when you're supposed to be welcoming him as a figurehead and representative of the state is just tacky. I've been the recipient of many parents' misplaced anger, and as unpleasant as it is, what's even worse is the fact that not a single one ever apologized. It was never about me, and I knew that, but it would have been nice to hear them say a little "my bad". And, this crass governor does not seem at all repentant for her behavior.

I'm concerned. Just today, I passed by a school bus and was struck by a bag of nachos that was thrown out the window, which is lovely. But, what bothers me more is that, while following the bus for a few blocks, the children inside where making rude gestures (vulgar, really), pointing, and laughing, as if I was the object of derision when they were the ones acting like animals. I know that kids have been mean since time immemorial, but it is so allowed in today's culture. Why didn't the bus driver at least request that the kids sit down? (Don't answer that, because I know why. He's got a schedule.  And I'm sure bus drivers have long ago abandoned trying to get students to behave.  Teachers can't even do this.)  And when they are injured because they weren't behaving, there will be a sad, innocent face on television with the voice over actor saying ominously, "a child hurt while just trying to get to school." It's all just too yucky for me.


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