Sunday, February 26, 2012

Teacher Data Reports Inaccuracies - Teacher Ratings Flaws

I could say a lot about the fact that the city published the Teacher Data Reports, and a lot has been said and needs to be said about it.  But, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I would just post one teacher's data.  It so happens that this teacher teaches the same subject to 6th and 7th grade students.  It seems that the teacher in question can teach the heck out of the 7th grade, as he scores in the 88th percentile.  He must be a master teacher!  But, amazingly, when faced with 6th grade math, well, the wheels fall off the bus, as he scored in the 27th percentile.  This teacher is 50 percentage points better at teaching the higher grade than the one just prior to it.  I think this data speaks for itself.  If it doesn't, then you must work in the New York City Department of Education, but you don't teach.

Editor's Note:  I have since found many more intra-teacher variations, and even greater disparities in supposed teacher quality for individuals teaching more than one grade.  Victor Vargas, Guillermin Reynoso, and Tony Toral's scores are some examples that I found by clicking on "Random Schools" five times.  How does anyone explain these results?   Mr. Vargas, in particular, is in the 99th percentile for 7th grade math, but 11th percentile for 8th.  Please, please explain how this is possible.  Now my quest is to find a teacher with an even wider gap than that!  I'm sure that teacher is out there.  I'd love someone to find and interview him or her.


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