Friday, March 30, 2012

My Child Says He Doesn't Have Homework

Let me make this post quick.  Your child says he or she doesn't have homework, and you believe him or her.  It's a lie.

I've been fighting this battle since the day I started teaching.  A child will say there is no homework because, when he says that, he can play.  Don't let him.  Make your child sit for an hour every night, whether he says he has homework or not.  Get some workbooks, or library books, or some textbooks from the library.  Have him work in the workbooks, have him read, have him talk to you, or have him just stare at the wall.  But do not let your child do anything passive and not educational before the hour is up.  Maybe he will figure out that he's going to have to sit for a bit and not watch t.v. or go on the computer or play video games.  Maybe he'll figure that he might as well do his homework if his lie doesn't work anymore; chances are, if he's in middle school, his homework will take less than an hour.  Or, at the very least, your child will sit quietly for an hour, left to entertain himself.  Perhaps he'll come up with a mental game to engage his mind.  Maybe he'll read something that will change the path of his life.  Or, maybe he'll just sit there and do nothing.  But at least, at least, you did not give in to the oldest lie in the book.


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