Friday, March 16, 2012

The Neighborhood Penitentiary - An Argument Against Equality

At the dawn of man, very little differences between individuals existed.  Sure, there were males and females, young and old, but aside from these biological differences, all of early man, the savages, were alike in most every other way.  Their lives and routines, like those of our closest living relative, the chimpanzee, were indistinguishable from one another, with no specialization of roles.  The next stage of human development, barbarians, had warriors and leaders, but it was still less diversified than a civilization, which, by definition, is more heterogenous.  Modern civilizations are very stratified, with specialized and highly differentiated professions, from doctors to musicians to welders. 

Following this logic, then, the effort for equality in society is a push towards savagery.  NCLB standards and the Race to the Top initiative have similiar goals in that they strive to make all students "college or career ready".  But humans, in all of their natural diversity, will always produce a bell-curve of talents, some on the high end, some much lower.  There will be those of superior intelligence and some dullards.  Today's education system no longer recognizes the dunce.  Studies tend to be pursued now at the lowest common denominator, rather than at the average — so as not to "frustrate" the more moronic

They're still around
These children of subnormal intelligence realize their lack of abilities right around the age of developing self-awareness: middle school.  At this same age, these unformed brains value conformity and socialization.  Rather than try to learn and be judged harshly by your peers, it is always preferrable to act as if you disdain education itself.  This is an age-old coping strategy.  The difference between today and yesteryear is that educators can no longer address these goof-offs, and so it progresses into outright disrespect, disruption and the inevitable "tyranny of the individual".  Public schools become infested with hoodlums and thugs.  Concerned parents will pull out their children, which leads to a higher percentage of uneducable dilinquents, and soon the pathology is entrenched.  This is where public education is today.

Education's goal cannot be the same for all.  It is an impossible, and even undesirable, goal to have everyone meet the same standards.  Not every child can be above average.  You can't even have everyone be average.  Annual Yearly Progress is defined as each year's students outperforming last year's, but each year's students will be as statistically distributed as the year prior.  Until our populace is replaced by quality-controlled identical automatons, this will always be the case.  Do only math teachers understand this concept?  NCLB and Race to the Top are not and never will be attainable.


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