Monday, May 14, 2012

My New Business Logo

I have a very talented sister who has always had my father's artistic gift.  Somehow, I didn't inherit that from Dad, just his height, his small hands and feet, the aforementioned teeth, and hair color.  In any case, my sister attended art school in London and I asked her for a logo design.  If there is a better person to ask for small, architectural items, I would love to meet her.  This is the sister who made an Indian diorama and built a bark canoe and had a silly putty bowl filled with cornmeal!  She also made a tiny paper suburban neighborhood complete with lawn furniture, for fun.  Boy, the days before cable tv and cellphones were a dull time, weren't they?

In any case, my lovely sister whipped up this cool logo.  What do you think?  Isn't she the best?  It's starting to feel like a real business.


  1. Very cool. Love the logo =0)

  2. That logo is so cool! I really want that house!!!

  3. In business, logo is not just an image. It's a business branding strategy that says everything about your company. When you are giving your business a logo, you are giving it a face. A face that must be remembered and must have a first good impression to the public, especially the target audience. It's absolutely an effective style because, sometimes, the image is easier to remember than the business name. Your logo looks great! I hope that this is what the visual representation of your business is all about.

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