Friday, July 6, 2012

More Lovely Public School Children Behavior

Another example of exemplary public school children behavior, this time at the 9/11 memorial.  Apparently, the students at JHS 292 in East New York got bored, so they started to throw trash into the reflecting pools.  This is the behavior of children today, for those of you not paying attention: they throw trash when they get bored.  And, they are constantly bored, unless they are sitting in front of some sort of screen.

“They were making jokes and throwing stuff in the fountain. It didn’t seem like a big deal,” added another student on the trip who refused to give his name.
This is JHS 292's fountain.  Feel free to
use it for trash if you're bored.

When you celebrate all the wrong things, it's no wonder
ignorance ensues.
It didn't seem like a big deal.  Just in case we have forgotten what those memorials are there for, my dears, and it seems as if we have, watch this video.  Oh, and as a side note in the case of the bored students turned vandals, another student was "busted" for bringing a firearm into the memorial.  These are the children that I'm supposed to motivate to learn about the Pythagorean Theorem.  Uh-huh.  Enjoy!


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