Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Great Teachers Who Want to Teach Whole Kids Get Pushed Out

I swear, I'm not
making this stuff up
Honestly, this is so silly
This author has hit the nail on the head.  She says everything I want to say on the subject of teacher harrassment, but she does it much more eloquently.  Face it, there's a lot of incorrect ideas being pushed on teachers, from group work (works great for motivated kids, not well at all for the unmotivated and unfocused) to mini-lessons (teachers can only teach for ten minutes), to Parking Lots (don't answer questions when they have one, have them write in down on a sticky and put in on a piece of paper labeled "Parking Lot" to be addressed later - seriously).  Oh, and I forgot about the Noise Meter, which teachers should set to "Quiet" when the students are too loud to indicate that they should speak quieter, but yet the classroom isn't teacher-centric, and if they're already supposed to be quiet, wouldn't it already be set to "Quiet" and, well, nevermind, I could go on and on about the inanities.  My point is that teachers are compassionate people and are trying to do the right thing.  But, God help them if they ask for things to be done the right way. 


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