Friday, December 7, 2012

Things a Teacher Won't Tell Parents

Sometimes I read something that I just must share.  An article in Reader's Digest, entitled "13+ Things Your Child’s Teacher Won’t Tell You" is one of those things.  Every single one of the, if the writers and editors bothered to count, thirty-four things rang true.  Well, except for the one about not arriving just before the bell.  I usually do do that.  Sometimes I even get in a teensy bit after the bell, but I have a co-teacher in the morning...who is usually later than me...ummmm...  But I do stay up to an hour after, so that one at least rings half true.  The ones that stood out in my mind are detailed below:
6. Your child may be the center of your universe, but I have to share mine with 25 others.
13. The students we remember are happy, respectful, and good-hearted, not necessarily the ones with the highest grades.
19.  The truth is simple: your kid will lie to get out of trouble.
23. Check their homework.  Just because your child says he did his homework doesn’t mean it’s true. You must check. Every night.
24. We get jaded too.  Teaching is not as joyful as it once was for many of us. Disrespectful students and belligerent parents take a toll on us.
31. Don't ask us to do your dirty work.  We wish parents would make their kids own up to their actions instead of pressuring us to bend the rules.
sorry, becoming a teen...
...means you're not adorable
I'd like to add to the above list that, at a certain point, kids stop being cute.  It's rough for the child to realize this, but you can't go around forever thinking it's adorable to fart and act helpless.  Everyone needs to grow up eventually. 

Teaching's a tough job, people, and until you actually have real experience in a classroom, please do not assume you know anything at all about the work we do.  Thank you, and good night.


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