Monday, May 20, 2013

Anecdotal Evidence There is Too Much Testing

Our state tests finished up a couple of weeks ago.  That took six days total.  After that, two out of my three classes took the NYSELAT, a test for ELL's (English Language Learners) for three more days.  Now, we are doing mock science and social studies, and mock Regent's, to practice for the real tests later. 

Since the results of the state tests will not be ready in time to make promotional decisions (and, isn't that the point of these tests?), we have been told to give past year's level ones and twos a Portfolio assessment.  If a student scored a level 1 or two on either math or ELA, they have to take this assessment.  In my school of 2400, 2000 scored at least one level 1 or 2, so essentially the entire school is taking this test.  Also, we have to give a final.  And a Performance Series test.  On top of all of that, the individual departments still have two post tests and one pretest to give students.  Oh, and we are giving certain students in extended day assessments for inquiry.

Does that sound like too much testing?  Because it does to me.  Let me bullet these tests for you:

  • ELA state test - 3 days
  • Math state test - 3 days
  • NYSELAT - 3 days
  • mock science state test - 2 days (written and lab)
  • mock social studies state test - 1 day
  • mock Regent's - up to four days
  • actual science state test - 2 days (written and lab)
  • actual social studies state test - 1 day
  • actual Regent's - up to 4 days
  • Portfolio assessment math - 2 days
  • Portfolio assessment ELA - 2 days
  • Performance series math - 2 days
  • Performance series ELA - 2 days
  • Final math - 1 day
  • Final ELA - 1 day
  • Final social studies - 1 day
  • Final science - 1 day
  • Post tests math - 2 days
  • Post tests ELA - 2 days
  • Post tests social studies - 2 days
  • Post tests science - 2 day
  • Pre test math - 1 day
  • Pre tests ELA - 1 day
  • Pre tests social studies - 1 day
  • Pre tests science - 1 day
  • Extended day assessments - 1 day
This list doesn't include other subjects pre- and post tests.  Now does it sound like too much testing?  Has anyone experienced anything similar?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Another test to add to the list: field tests.  These tests are to test the test-makers test questions.  For real.


  1. I am not a teacher and it has been decades since I was a student, but if I was a student, I would be agony for me to have to face that many tests and still be sane! This kind of constant pressure on students can not be healthy for them spiritually, emotionally and/or physically. The stress we have put on our children to prepare them to do battle in the real world is enormous! No wonder so many give up and give out.




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