Thursday, May 16, 2013

Educating Dzhokhar

Oh, yeah, he's dreamy, alright
I am disgusted by the girls who idolize the surviving Boston Marathon bomber.  Girls, if you think he's so cute, get a load of him in the hospital.  He looks so cute with his hook nose, his affected
hipster soul patch and self-inflicted shrapnel wounds, doesn't he?  Ladies, there's a well-known phenomenom where people put up profile pictures that are out-of-date.  Those pictures of hunky, cute Dzhokhar are from two or three years ago.  The current pictures of him above show him as the ugly troll that he is, with his flared nostrils, too-close set eyes, and fuzzy hair.  I am also sickened that our country helped pay for him and his mental family.  We took them in, we gave them over $100,000 in benefits, and they turned around and blew up innocent people and Americans.  They bilked the system.  They stole.  They killed their former friends.  Gross.  Just disgusting.
The pictures you choose make a difference

As for those of you who think this dreamboat is too cute to perpetrate such atrocities, or that it is some sort of conspiracy so that the Obama administration can, um, what would the point of this be again?  To push his liberal agenda banning the use of pressure cooker bombs?  If good guys carried a pressure cooker bomb, then the bad guys couldn't, uh, how would that help?  I get the distrust of our government, I really do, but these losers are shown in video surveillance putting the bags down.  This case is so clear cut that the defense attorney's only goal is to avoid the death penalty.  Good grief.

Frankly, I think it is way beyond time to reconsider our immigration and asylum policy.  Now, I live in NYC, and most of my friends are immigrants, so I am not anti-immigration by any means.  However!  I have seen one too many a lady in a grocery store with 24 karat gold earrings the size of wallets, twenty to thirty gold bangles and ruby nose rings using WIC checks.  I have seen too many immigrant children who come to school without basic supplies, but outfitted with a smartphone, airbrushed nail art and Air Jordans.  We let in too many people with misplaced priorities.  If you're coming here to work, great.  If not, no dice, I'm sorry.  Maybe you could even bring a skill with you, instead of just way too many children to feed, clothe and house.  You need to assimilate to our culture.  Wear whatever thing you want on your head, praise any god you like, but for the love of God, will you please learn English and convert your Third World manners that are offensive here?  If one more student tells me "I'm Columbian" or "I'm Egyptian" or talks about "my country", I'm going to puke.  If America is good enough to suck all the wonderful benefits from, then consider yourself American.  Frankly, I don't think any immigrant, for any reason, should receive assistance, until they've paid into the system for a set amount of time.   I'm sure I'm not being PC here, but I think PC has gotten us into this mess and it's time we say enough's enough.  Sorry.  No more Tsarnaev's.  Not having the first one would have been even better.  Yuck!


  1. Are you kidding me?! Girls are saying that?! How has the lack of common sense and decency gone this far? Ugh, that's just so angering.

  2. I agree with you, I cant believe the stuff Im reading about how his friends tried to hide the bomb making equipment..disgusting..same thing with this whole treyvon martin stuff they used his jr high photo instead of the facebook photo to drum up sympathy for the case.

    1. I'm glad you agree. I'm never sure if I should post items like this, but I get so angry that a blog helps get things out. I feel better when I say things, if only to a group of 40 people who follow me. I feel even better when I see others that feel the same way.



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