Saturday, June 8, 2013

Christmas in July Swap

If I measured, it may not have
had that bald patch on the left.
I was paired with Rosa of Contrastes-RosaMaria for the Christmas in July swap.  One of my items is in process, but one is already completed.  It's a pipe cleaner Christmas tree!  And, it cost nothing, since the pipe cleaners were left in the teacher's cafeteria last year.  I have no idea how long any of those donations stay in the cafeteria before I get there, but I do know that after I get there, they're gone.  I've scored games, workbooks to handout to parents who claim they don't know what to do to help their children (here, have a workbook!), construction paper, bulletin board border, and on and on.  I used a blend of two tutorials from Pucci Collective and Martha Stewart's website, and of course I tweaked it somewhat.  First, I didn't measure.  I eyeballed it, cause that's how I roll, y'all.  Plus, I pushed the branches upwards, because real trees don't grow straight out.  And here's what I created.  Ta day!  (that's a combination of "ta da" and "today", and it's what Tootie Pie used to say).


  1. Hehe...I was looking at same tutorials and had them locked in brain for my to do list...well done you!

  2. Hi Linda! Quite a while ago, I had looked at both of those tutorials and l had even tried the tinsel tree one but as I recall I was a FAILure at it! I liked the idea but my tree was not very nice to look at and so I tucked it away and have never looked at it again. The Martha Stewart tree was more time consuming and so I have only thought about doing it. Now, after looking at your hybrid, I want to start making Christmas trees just like it! I like that you have combined the two and made something that looks just GRAND! Your tree has personality and I am so glad that that's the way Y'all Roll! ( You are just tooo funny!) I hope that you make at least one more to keep for yourself, Linda! You will need a tree like this one for your Modern Doll's house that you recently completed for the Undersized Urbanite Contest. Good Work/ A+!




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