Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Truly Hard Way to Make a Living? Teach.

Not that many read this blog, and that's okay.  It's more for me, really.  Today's post is one that, for my 15 regular readers, you may want to skip.  It's therapy, and it's not pretty.

Could you not, at least, realize that there is
usually an innocent child behind that horrible
teacher that is trying to improve you?
Many of my posts speak of the horrible indignities heaped on teachers these days.  One of the worst has to be the accusations, almost always so ridiculous that, as a trusting innocent, one would assume would be laughed at by any reasonable adult, nay, child, even.  However, that is not what happens in this day and age.  No, no matter how unreasonable, how flimsy and beyond credible the charge, the teacher is treated like a common criminal.  Now, this just may be part of the teaching downsides that needs to be tolerated by the good people who dedicate their lives to educating children.  BUT, it is a threat to our very livelihoods, and, by extension, our families' livelihoods.  I am now the sole provider for my little family, and if you don't like me, students, because I want you to learn, fine, but think of my child.  She relies on me having a career.

To say nothing about what it does to teacher's enthusiasm for their charges and their education.  It is very difficult to get up and face your lying accusers and desire to better them.  The morale of teachers is under attack from every angle, and having kids and their parents spread lies about professionals in order to, what exactly?  Get a better grade?  Not going to happen.  Get another teacher?  Not going to happen unless the teacher says "Forget it" and then you're looking at an inexperienced substitute who will barely have control over the class.  What does this persecution even achieve?  Because I have no idea.  In any case, it saps the already trampled joy found when students grasp concepts that will improve their brains, their perseverance, and inevitably, their lives.

So, yes, I'm currently under fire for accusations that don't hold up to logic, to scrutiny, or indeed to humanity.  No matter that, of 90 students, only four will maintain the lie.  No matter that the story has morphed and changed in attempts to make it stick.  No matter that the four students making the claims are...well, I better think of my job.  Still trying to hold onto it, for some unknown reason.

(Actually, I know the reason.  I had a much, much more lucrative career before this, that I enjoyed, but for the time off.  But, it's looking better and better lately).


  1. Hi Linda, Things sound like they are serious and so I hope that you can get through this challenge with your head still on straight, maintain your integrity and your desire for the profession that you have chosen. There is really nothing quite so miserable as having to do a job which you no longer enjoy, but which you feel obliged to perform.




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