Thursday, April 2, 2015

Humanity for Teachers

Not perfectly symmetrical - developing
It's a juggling act.  Actually, it's a juggling act on a high-wire, upside down, blindfolded.  Teaching is not easy; in fact, it's harder than this juggling performance, because as an entertainer, it's just you alone, or you and trained professionals.  Teaching requires the cooperation of unwilling children.

I'm noticing one lady is bending her knee more
than the others - unsatisfactory
So, then, to be evaluated harshly, well, it takes the wind out of our sails, doesn't it?  What is wrong with displaying compassion to the people who dedicate their life to the betterment of children, to the welfare of the society?  Shouldn't we take care of those who take care of our youngest citizens?  Don't they deserve our support, our encouragement, our good-will?  What are we afraid might happen?  To find only the bad and ignore all the good, when we do so much, it's criminal.  We are not the enemy.  We are not the villain.  You are.
Some handstands not completely vertical -

I don't really understand it.  I guess, and I sincerely hope, that I never will.  There seems to be a million road blocks put up for teachers.  It is a tough, brutal career.  Stop making it even more punishing and let us have some dignity.  Thank you.


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