Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Can We All Agree That "The N-Word" Is Ridiculous?

President Obama said it.  He said "the N-word", only he didn't say "the N-word", he said "nigger".  Bring on the backlash for me, a white woman, having written the word "nigger".  I don't say "nigger", nor do I use the term "the N-word", because that is idiodic.  Why make the listener do the work?  When you say "the N-word", the other person has to stop and say, oh, you mean "nigger"?  If you mean nigger, say nigger.

The gay community long ago realized that if you take away a word's power, it loses its ability to hurt.  "Queer" was once the go-to insult, but now we have television series called the "Queer Eye" and "Queer as Folk".  Calling someone "queer" no longer has the sting it once did, because homosexuals reappropriated the word.  We're here, we're queer, get used to it.

Bitch isn't the affront it once was, either, thanks in part to shows called "Don't Trust the B**** in Apt 23" (the asterisks are the show's, not mine) and "GCB", which stands for Good Christian Bitches.  Now, despite the fact that I think these titles represent a coarsening of our culture, and neither show seems worthwhile, I am not personally offended by the term.

Redneck ignorance, plain and simple.
George Carlin's most memorable bit is his "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" routine.  Nigger, bitch and queer are not on this list, meaning the ultra-conservative FCC does not find these words obscene, vulgar or profane.  Do people take offense at these words?  Of course, as well as plenty of others.  It is their right, but I think it is a mistake to have such a thin skin.  I have not seen President Obama make a misstep in his days in office, especially verbally; he's been measured and diplomatic in every thing he says, and I respect him for using the actual word, rather than the cop-out.  I think it was calculated, and I think he was right; he started the process of removing the effectiveness this slur holds.

Now, the confederate flag?  That ignorance needs to come down.  Geesh!


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