Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miniature Business Name

I'm starting a modern miniature business. I'd like to convey a non-granny, fun, different, stylish dollhouse company. If anyone has ever contemplated a dollhouse for their daughter, grand-daughter, niece or, let's be honest, oneself, then you know that dollhouse furnishings tend to be rather old-fashioned. Barbie has a more modern sensibility, but her's is a wee bit girly and definitely single-girl-on-the-prowl. I like fun as much as the next person, but hot pink swirly plastic stuff is just a little too tres, no? What is a design enthusiast and a miniature lover supposed to do? Well, thank goodness that I'm filling this huge need for stylish dollhouse things!!! Here are some ideas for names:

Teensy Weensy - doesn't exactly convey stylish, but not exactly fuddy-duddy, either. Too cute?
Nanomod - Very hip. But is it too techy sounding?
La Petite Maison - too pretentious? But, pretentious kind of sums me and my business up well.
Gossamod - gossamer + modern, get it? Anyone?

Which do you like the best? Any other ideas?


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