Friday, April 6, 2012

Finished Doll House

Welcome to our doll house!  Come on inside Tilted Acres!

One bedroom, with a GeoReflector (math manipulative) bed and a Marx Little Hostess dresser.

Reac Chair, chest and armoire are just marked "Hong Kong", and antlers are by La Petite Moderne.

The kitchen, which features the amazing Tomy kitchen set.  In the foreground is what I imagine is the grandmother's old stove and pump sink (it really works)

A better view of the Tomy kitchen.  Kitchen table and grandmother's stove are Renwal, and the fiberglass shell chair is Reac. 
Marx blue couch, Tomy couch and coffee table.  Ma Petite Moderne Arco Castiglione lamp.

After failing to attach the front door with hinges, twice, I ended up supergluing rubber bands to the door and frame.  Ghetto.  And, the pictures are revealing to me a fair amount of glue that will need to be touched up.  And then I have to add the trim along the bottom walls, but need a miter box before I do so.  Of course, the rooms need rugs, which is one of my latest projects.  So, apparently, a doll house is similar to a real house in that the to-do list is long and growing.  But, for me, anyhow, both are mostly fun. 


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