Friday, April 6, 2012

Isn't America Great?

These do not count as
dollhouses, in my mind
I bought my daughter's first dollhouse as a kit for Christmas.  Well, first, if you don't count the My Little Pony house that features a musical toilet, but technically that's a ponyhouse, right?  And, we're not counting the Polly Pocket homes, of which we had two, because, um, those are Polly houses?  Oh!  Technically one's a hotel, and the other is described as an apartment, so...  Anyhow, once I was need deep in mini-home construction aggravations, the neighborhood girls said they had something for L.  This something turned out to be two Barbie houses, plus this and this.  Then, just this week, I found another Barbie house on the side of the road, with furniture!  

When I bought the doll house kit, I joked with the woman who sold it to me that if my family had to live in a small home, then our dolls would have to, as well.  So the original plan was to have one small 1':1" dollhouse.  But aquired Barbie houses tend to be around 4' tall, and in a house with a 16'x30' footprint, one of these large play homes is plenty.  There was no way we were going to have three.  So, we played dollhouse shuffle yesterday: the dollhouse that we kept in our house went to Oma's, the one at Oma's went to our friend, and the Malibu Dream home is now in our basement.  

I have remarked on how I find just the things I'm looking for on the street.  I also find a great many things that I don't need, but that doesn't stop me from keeping it anyhow.  I believe that when you form an idea of what you want, it comes to you.  I suppose I am quite good at dreaming up material things that I need.  I need to change focus to the more important things in life that I need.  So, now, where is that six foot tall Norwegian doctor?
Apparently, I'm putting out there that I want more of these. 
I should really try to stop my subconscience from operating, else I'll be buried in a sea of pink plastic soon.


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