Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Latest Miniature Masterpiece Castle

This miniature castle was created in 3 days and lasted around 15 minutes.  It was a challenge, but it was fun.  My inspiration was the princess cake from  That site has some great cakes!  The bottom is a frosted upside-down pan, just like the original.  If I hadn't gotten ahold of that secret, I'd be baking all night and we'd be having cake for another half a year.  The towers are flat bottomed and pointy ice cream cones.  The princesses are Polly Pockets run through the dishwasher, the railings are yogurt covered pretzels, and the rest is a marshmallow fondant covered cake. 

I love my yearly, or biannual, cake making experiences.  And my husband had the good sense to NOT say that I just copied it  from the internet, like he did with my Care Bear cake.  If there is a button on the web that I could just print a cake from, that would be an IPO I'd get behind!  The smile on my daughter's face makes the work worth it.  Happy Mother's Day to the Moms and all they do! 


  1. where is "like" here? :-) btw did you realize you have visitors from Spain??

  2. ups, it is me..vicky ;-)



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