Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fairy Doors, Fairy Kitchens?

We have a fairy garden in our backyard...
My family's annual trip to Michigan is coming up, and this is the year that I'd like to see the urban fairy operation, or U.F.O.  Since our front tree was the site of a fairy door appearance and disappearance, I have been interested in fairies and their doors.  We still have a fairy garden in the backyard, but the occupants have not kept it up and it is becoming overgrown and

...and we briefly had a fairy door
in the front of our house on our tree
untidy.  According to this interview with a fairy door expert in the Michigan city of Ann Arbor, it appears that fairies are partial to residing near imaginative people, so I am very flattered to have received the fairy stamp of approval.  When I lived in Michigan, I had a great affinity for Ann Arbor, visiting it regularly.  I was even accepted to the University of Michigan, in the honors program, and it is still one of my life's biggest regrets that I did not attend that school, although I may have never have traveled as extensively if I had gone.  Ann Arbor has experienced a large number of fairies in the last few years, which is unsurprising to me, since it is a fabulous place.   I'd like to be able to see the fairy doors on this year's trip to the Midwest.
It seems that this home in our backyard is still
occupied, although the pride of ownership has
While we are gone exploring the fairy doors of Eastern Michigan, we are planning to renovate our kitchen.  I am hoping that our contractor will be able to make a nice kitchen within a kitchen for fairies.  This is a gamble, since fairies usually prefer to set up their own accomodations and are wary of human intervention in their households.  But, since we have had residents in our backyard for over a year, I am hoping that positive word of mouth and luxurious accomodations will entice them to live with us.  I have a small kitchen, uninstalled, with mini cabinets, a dishwasher, a stove with a vent, a refrigerator, a washer/dryer, and even a storage freezer.  Do you think fairies will inhabit it?  Any advice for luring fairies into your home, aside from the obvious?
I have taken a risk and already acquired
the cabinetry and appliances.  Will the fairies oblige?


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