Sunday, March 16, 2014

Growing Up Open-Minded in the 2010's

Oftentimes I am sad for my daughter growing up in today's crazy world.  She doesn't know why people put paper in water in the dark to magically make a picture, and she could look at a typewriter forever and not understand why there are keys and no screen.  Her peers are plugged in and dumbed down, but, there are advantages to having never known the 20th century. 

Tootie Pie and her crush.
I wouldn't say that my daughter does not know color, but I would say that it is a non-issue in her world.  She's only ever known "Baba Babama" as president.  There is no plurality in her class, whereas I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood, but our idea of diversity was Italian versus Irish.  Tootie Pie's first crush was an Asian boy, and the current object of her affection is black.  When she first drew him, he had peach-ish skin, but then she pointed out how his skin is brown and redrew their (her?) love. 

What do you think the cartoonist was
trying to say?  I don't think it was that
all presidents have been men, but that
is certainly a pattern that has yet to
be broken.
She has no preconceived ideas about homosexuality, religion, or foreigners, either.  Perhaps this is a product of where we live, but I'll take it.  Now, if only we could equalize the perception of women in this society.  In her lifetime.


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