Saturday, October 25, 2014

Olaf Head Tutorial

I like warm hugs
The mouth shape left uncovered
and already starting the duct
No self-respecting Elsa would not be accompanied by her snowy creation, Olaf.  I whipped this up in two evenings, and it would have been quicker if the papier mache did not need to dry.  I started with a balloon, drew what I thought the mouth should look like, and then covered it with one layer of paper mache.  If this was meant to last, and if I had more time, I would recommend more coats, but I was under a time crunch.  After that dried, I put a layer of duct tape over it.  Then I hot glued some cotton batting where Olaf's cheeks and his head bulge were, and covered those with duct tape as well.  That approximated his head shape close enough.  I covered this with white felt, stapled and hot glued into place.  The nose is a cone of orange construction paper hot glued on, his "hair" is pipe cleaners, and I used puffy fabric paint to his eyes and eyebrows.  Astute Frozenites will notice that he is missing his teeth (tooth?).  Don't care.  Good enough.  Many smiles from the kids yesterday.
After I covered both cheeks and the
 head bulge,I felt his head could
use even more of a bulge.
Right cheek covered in
duct tape, first head bulge
applied, and left cheek still
 uncovered by duct tape



  1. You and Tootie Pie appear to be having a real Blast playing inside your head, who would want to disturb that? :D
    let the fun continue




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