Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Arco Lamp - Finished

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is.  My first finished Arco lamp.  This one is battery powered.  I learned a lot.  Here is what I will try differently next time:
  1. Paint the inside of the ornament.  You can see even in the scanty 1.5 volts of light in this picture that the light shows the light patches from the inside of the ornament.  So I will paint the inside on the next one.
  2. Use a non-wired LED light.  Some come with miniature conductor wire attached, and other just have pins.  I will use the pin type from now on, since the wire, once I put the heat shrink tube on it, is too thick to pass through the aluminum tube. 
  3. Spray paint the battery cover.  The mod podge looks good except at the seams.  Spray paint will give even coverage, although I will have to then emulate marble with paint.  Not sure if this will be the easier route or not.
  4. Open the little cover on the inside of the battery case while soldering.  After I soldered the wires, I was trying to tuck the excess in the battery holder, when I realized there is a little cover inside that can be popped off.  This will make the wiring easier.
  5. Make the base even weighter.  Even with the AA batteries in the lamp, it is STILL top-heavy.  I'm looking into different size washers of brass or stainless steel to attach to the base to make it heavier.  Or, should I try to fashion a sculpey cover, and the combined weight of the batteries, holder and sculpey will balance this creation perfectly?  In any case, prepare to be dazzled with Arco lamp version 2.0!


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