Sunday, February 26, 2012

We Interrupt this Miniature and Teaching Blog...

Hello, gorgeous!

                                                                                                                    Anyone who has taken up a craft can tell you that the volume of tools and materials can build up rather quickly.  The cardboard boxes and plastic bags weren't making my kitchen look any more streamlined, let me tell you.  I found this bedside table in the garbage across from my in-laws.  The first day it was out, it was without its drawers.  Awww, so sad.  But then, the next day, there they were, happily reunited!  There was a hole on the top of the dresser, and there were no handles.  But, I never let that stop me.  I had a pair of pulls with a nice shape but hideous finish that I found around a year ago that would be perfect for it.  So, out came the wood putty, the sandpaper and the primer, and voila!  A new bedside table.  The former K-Mart blue light special, press-board, faux wood grain dresser (I was soooo fond of it, as you can tell) is now in the basement, holding all of my craft items, and the bedroom has a bright, white dresser.  Ta-tee!   


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