Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another Birthday, Another Party

It's almost that time of year again: Tootie Pie will be turning seven!  My goodness, the time is going by so quickly.  We are celebrating at a YMCA pool, so the theme will be mermaids or the sea.  I will be crafting and cooking away once again, but this time I think she can help out more than in years past. We made shell invitations, and she cut out the mermaid cover and inner detail, and put on the heart and pearl, and labeled the cards.  I told her to just put the name of her classmate on the envelope, but she insisted on including siblings, many of whom we do not know the names.  So, some envelopes are labeled "Meghan, Riley, and other sister" - which is far more welcoming to siblings, I think you will agree.  Oh, and she glittified our entire home.  But, they're done, and will be distributed tomorrow.


  1. those are so cute, Happy Belated Birthday Tootie Pie :)



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