Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Making Videos with Tootie Pie

Many things that I do, especially activities with Tootie Pie, begin out of innocent questions. Somehow, a discussion of Mr. Peabody and Sherman turned into reenacting the siege of Troy on film.  There is a connection there, and I challenge my followers to find it.  Tootie Pie and her bestie built the walled city, the horse, and brainstormed all sorts of details.  Follow me down the rabbit hole and see what they came up with.

After the rousing success of this movie adventure, Tootie Pie was hungry for more.  My husband's "niece" (for lack of a better and/or easier term) just gave birth, and Tootie Pie is learning "Brahms Lullaby" in her piano class.  There are German lyrics to this song, which she knows.  So, in honor of the newborn, we quickly whipped up a cute video with her singing "Guten Abend, Gute Nacht".  My favorite part of this process was when she was working the camera and I was on props.  Non-German speaker that I am, had to rely on Tootie Pie to tell me when the part about the angels was.  I asked three times and she didn't respond, so I just started moving the angel around aimlessly.  This was not the take that we used, but when we replayed the video, it struck my funny bone.


  1. I wish I lived in Tooties's a lot more fun than mine :)



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