Sunday, September 7, 2014

Elsa Costume Part One: Fabric, Pattern and Mock-Up

Not too bad...
The season's most coveted costume, Queen Elsa of Arundel, if it was bought in a store, which it cannot be because it is backordered, would cost much more than I spent on fabric.  But, that being said, I could have spent a LOT less on the fabric.  I am a wannabee fashion designer and absolutely love browsing the Fashion District here in New York.  It was my birthday, so I justified my expenditure that way, plus, after years of trolling, I finally had a reason to buy something.  I got caught up, what can I say?  So, the amount of fabric, by the yard was:

  • Undershirt: one yard performance fabric from Spandex World (middle left in pic)
  • Bodice: one yard sequin fabric from Cut Fabric (only needed a half yard, but they have a one yard minimum) (middle right in pic)
  • Skirt: 3 yards satin charmeuse from Cut Fabric (far right)
  • Cape: 2 yards iridescent organza from Cut Fabric (far left)

The pattern for the bodice and the undershirt
Pattern for skirt
Since I didn't have a princess pattern lying around (I don't have any patterns at all), I needed to make my own pattern for the Elsa Halloween costume.  I took Tootie Pie's measurements: waist, from waist to floor, from shoulder to wrist and from wrist to the start of the middle finger. Then, I researched others' patterns from throughout the internet, which you can find in my Pinterest board "Costume".  The best tutorial is here.  Warning!  If you do start this process, you will become exposed to all sorts of adults making costumes for themselves; there's a whole world out there of which I was only tangentially aware.  Anyhoo, I wanted the undershirt to be more boatnecked than roundnecked, so I incorporated design inspiration from all the patterns. I drew my pattern pieces on newspaper fliers, and then cut up an old t-shirt and nightgown to make my mockup.  I made adjustments to the patterns, and here they are, along with my mockups:

The bodice mockup.
I will cut the actual
bodice into a V at the bottom,
which is why the front is
so much longer than the back.

So, it fits pretty well on my model.
For reference, Tootie Pie is a very tall, 52" 7-year-old.  She loves the one-sleeved, hold up the bodice, stick-out-one-leg-so-it-doesn't-fall-down skirt, so imagine how she'll feel when it's done!


  1. Hi Linda! The costume looks like it is making good progress. Tootie Pie looks very pleased with it thus far, so I am sure that you are on the right track. I am not familiar with Queen Elsa, so I shall look forward to seeing the finished outfit once it is completed.
    Meanwhile I shall google "Queen Elsa of Adrunel" and try to get in the loop.:D


  2. Elizabeth, I am going to venture that you do not have a little girl, because Queen Elsa would be unavoidable if you did! LOL!

  3. You are right about that Linda! My "little girl" is now all "growed up" and is in her 3rd year of University, but believe it or not, she is Still right into Disney princesses and anything that smacks of fairy tale, or happily ever after; even at 20!
    Some kids just never grow up and that is okay with me :))



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