Sunday, September 7, 2014

Elsa Costume DIY Tutorial - The Crown

Template cut from here.
I followed this tutorial to make Elsa crown.  I copied the template, cut it out on cardstock, and then filled it in with hot glue.  I might suggest doing this with puffy paint, instead, because that doesn't harden as fast as hot glue.  I had to trim some mistakes with an Exacto knife and scissors before I could spray it.  I know that Elsa's crown is gold, but A) I don't have gold spray paint and B) I asked Tootie Pie if she wanted authentic gold or snowy silver, and she chose wisely.  She takes after her mother in her preference for silver, I guess.  Once I sprayed it, you could really see the flaws, so I covered the lumpy bits with jewels and, for the narrower parts, glitter.  I will attach it to a hair comb that I have from the handmade bridal veil I made. I had everything on hand, so this cost me nothing.

That is why jewels and glitter were invented.  To cover the
crown makers mistakes!

Filled in with hot glue and spray
painted.  Kind of messed up.


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