Saturday, August 30, 2014

Easy 50's Day Poodle Skirt Outfit Tutorial

Not much of a tutorial, just ideas for making a 50's outfit.  I made the skirt by sewing a rectangular piece of felt around 1 inch from the top and feeding through a pieced of elastic.  The best part about felt is you don't need to hem.  I stitched up the two ends of the rectangle and pulled the elastic so it fit nicely on Tootie Pie's waist.  The poodle template came from this website, so I cut it from felt and then added eyes and a mouth with puffy paint.  The leash and the poodle were applied with fabric glue, and that was the end of the skirt!

Then I took Tootie Pie's jazz shoes that were almost too tight, since there was no chance they would fit her next dance season and therefore it didn't matter if I made a mess of them.  I covered the edges and soles with painter's tape and sprayed with spray paint.  Then, using a photo of saddle shoes from the internet, I painted a black stripe and she had saddle shoes.  If these were going to be used more than once, I would have applied a clear coat to them, but this was a one-off affair, so I skipped that.  A cardigan, some bobby socks and a scarf in the hair, and she was ready to rock around the clock.


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