Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Curtis Jere Raindrops Modern Wall Art

Okay, how cool is the C Jere sculpture/wall art above?  What's that?  Very, very cool, you say?  Yes, it is!  And, at $5,500, $6,300, or $7,000, c'est très cher!  Whatever is a girl to do?  Well, just like the starburst mirror that I made, after learning that starbursts go for at least $500, it's time to break out the DIY skills.  Now, my version will not be chrome.  Some day, I can dream of using little round mirrors from compacts or craft mirrors.  Or, good heavens, I could come into money and can buy the real thing!  I can really dream up some doozies, right?  But for now, my version will be made of plastic, cut from milk jugs and juice tops over the course of a year, like the version below:

Found on one of my favorite sites of

The shine factor is seriously reduced, it's true, but, if you didn't know that the chrome version existed, you might think the plastic one looks ephemeral and dreamy, and quite cool, right?

This view shows the framework

The above artwork was executed by pinning the plastic circles onto the wall.  The artist's name is Ani Hoover and I captured the images to the left from her site.  The C Jere version welds the circles to a wire frame to achieve the look.  My interpretation will combine the frame without the welding or pinning to the wall.  I completed a proof of concept, and I'm finishing up my DIY, cheap artwork now!  A tutorial will follow, for those kindred weirdos wishing to have junk artfully hanging on walls!

My proof of concept.


  1. Wow! what a creative mind. You can put them on any type of flat surface and are only limited by your imagination. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.



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