Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nagging and Why Only Women Are Accused of Doing It

So, it occurs to me that many husbands accuse their wives of nagging, and I think I have figured out why this is so.  See, the division of labor falls along gender lines with men doing "special projects" and women completing regular tasks.  What I mean is, women's jobs usually include taking care of the kids, washing up, and cooking.  By and large, these are duties that cannot be put off indefinitely, even the washing up must be done somewhat consistently or you'll spend a fortune on new dishes and clothes.  In contrast, men's charges can be put off endlessly, which leads women to goad.  Fix the #%*@ squeaky hinge.  The fence needs to be &^#% painted.  The task that do have deadlines (I'm thinking of taking out the trash), are not areas in which wives need to badger. 

So, ladies, the next time you are accused of nagging, offer to switch jobs for a couple of months.  Yes, that may mean your clothes will be bleached out or shrunk three sizes too small, your children will look like vagrants and will probably develop five cavities, and your home may run the risk of becoming infested with vermin, but think of the fun you'll have as your husband takes care of the day-to-day while you catch up on your reading!  Just imagining it brings a smile to my face!!!


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