Friday, August 17, 2012

Mini Castles in Sand

L and her helper friend, who didn't want
to get "pictured"
Here's part of the reason I haven't been as active making miniatures for sale lately.  Making mini-castles!  Hooray.  Lovely, lovely beach day yesterday.  Please notice the tunnel under the bridge.  That is the brain child of my daughter, executed by my former-engineer husband.  Oh, comme je souhaite que le mot "engineur" n'etait pas en cette phrase.  It's fun to work in a new medium every once in a while.

Oh, and after this, we visited our secret seafood restaurant on a pier.  It's a secret, because it has no signs, and it's located behind a gas station.  Only the locals and people in the know can find it (actually, no one but the locals and people in the know would even be in the neighborhood, so I guess it's in no danger of selling out).  And, for dessert, we visited Twist It Top It, where you pour the ice cream and choose your toppings and pay by the weight.  Genius and delicious!!


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