Monday, September 3, 2012

On the Eve of Kindergarten - An Ode to My Little Girl

Baby of mine, this week you start kindergarten and officially become a kid.  No longer a baby, toddler or preschooler, you are now a "big kid", the next stage is tweendom.  I write this today as your mother, your biggest admirerer, and your greatest fan.  Little girl, may you someday know the joy you brought me when I learned I was about to have a baby; may you face the fear and eventual pride of childbirth.  I know you will be strong in those first days as a new mother, and you will know what it is to love too much a small part of you, fragile yet resiliant. 

You were always in ahead of your time.  Your father and I were not together very long when I became pregnant, and you arrived five weeks before your due date.  You always spoke clearly, you behaved so maturely, and were so tall that very few people believed us when we would tell them your actual age.  You always possessed an ability to reason, and you already read fluently and have a vocabulary of a high schooler.  Part of the reason that you are an only child is that we know that any sibling of yours would never measure up, because you are perfect; however, it saddens me greatly to not be able to give you a sister or brother.  You are kind, you are enthusiastic, and you bring smiles to all who meet you, but especially me.  Your whole demeanor is so lovely and innocent that I cannot help but smile at everything you say and do.

I would freeze you in time, but then I wouldn't get

to experience the joys you hold for me next.
Today, only five years old, you have such a wonderful future in front of you.  Laura, you can be whatever you want to be.  See the world, enjoy life, and learn always.  The world is a beautiful and wonderful place, with so many interesting people, places and ideas.  You have made me so proud, little lady.  You have been a wonderful child and you have exceeded my hopes.  You are my shining star.  I love you!  Mom.


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