Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to Freshen Up a Dollhouse Bathroom

My forced purchase of yet another dollhouse necessitates another redecoration.  The dollhouse I gave my daughter for Christmas last year had only 4 rooms, so it didn't have space for all those fancy niceties like a bathroom.  The new Keystone dollhouse has six rooms, so this house will have a bathroom! 

For a mere $5.96, I scored this trailer park, meth lab dollhouse bathroom set. It was advertised as "purple", but it had faded to a weird pink color, with dirt and glue masquerading as miniature mold and mildew.  I'm surprised the toilet didn't have brown stains at the bottom and cascading down the sides.  The shower head was completely out of proportion to the rest of the set.  The toilet didn't match at all.  It needed a redo.  A quick scrub, some spray paint, and a bit of rejiggering with silver paint, and voila!  It isn't complete yet, since it is still missing the toilet seat, shower head (which has been replaced with a new, more dainty, version) and shelf and mirror over the sink.  I will probably not reinstall the tiles around the tub.  But already it looks fresh and new.  Isn't it amazing what a can of spray paint can do?  Every couple of years a home needs a renovation, don't you agree?


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