Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gullible Saps for Romney

Seriously, study hurricanes.
Well, it was on t.v. (actually,
 it wasn't) so it must be real.
This might offend some people, but I am pointing out something I noticed recently with my Facebook friends.  Some of my friends were duped into believing some incredibly unrealistic photos of Hurricane Sandy.  One photo involved the Statue of Liberty and a storm cloud purported to be the hurricane.  Now, the scale of the hurricane was estimated by some to be one thousand miles across.  And, those of us who know science know that hurricanes do not sneak up on people, so that one moment we experience blue skies, and the next, gale force winds and downpours, so the minute we saw the photoshopped job, we knew it was fake.  Which is why we loved the response photo, which added other disasters to the mix.  Another showed the statue being struck by what can only be described as a tsunami.  The height of the statue, with pedestal, is over 300 feet, so that wave is topping out at 150 feet.  We had a storm surge, and things are bad, but, again, there really is a science crisis in this country.  I would chalk it up to wishful thinking on the part of Middle America, whom I know are not huge fans of NYC, but some of the duped included New Yorkers. 

What happens is a lot of
people write "jump"
Another hoax that many fell for is the photo that shows either a woman's pixelated face, or a man on a precipice next to a bear.  The caption instructs the viewer to type in a certain word to see what happens.  Now, this is akin to the joke that made people smile for a picture to be taken (when they didn't usually have a webcam) and then frightens them with a scary face and loud noise.  Pictures can work like small movies; they're called animated gifs.  But, they are endless loops, and they cannot be stopped, started or paused.  And certainly they will not become animated because someone commented on Facebook.  Nor will any money be donated because of clicks, and certainly forwarding emails won't bring good luck. 

Apologies, Facebook friends, who fell for these tricks.  And, if you're a supporter of Romney, I am truly sorry for what you are about to read, but it needs to be said.  There is a correlation between pro-Romney posts, and reposts of the above hoaxes.  I can't help but wonder, is being easily duped a necessary prerequisite for supporting Romney?  Do you have to be a chump to believe that a man who made his fortune liquidating companies and laying off people has experience "creating jobs"?  Only suckers can trust a man who says he forgot when he held down another student and cut his hair, right?  I'm asking because I don't get it.  Maybe I am too suspect, too jaded, but then again, I'm usually right.  Perhaps my Romney friends are happier, just blindly believing things that don't logically make sense.  I like my republican friends, truly, I do.  But, they're living in a different world than me. 


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