Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ghetto Witch Crash Halloween Project DIY

I have an aunt on my mother's side and my uncle on my father's side who now, since the passing of both of their spouses, live together on the Cape in the summer and in Florida in the winter.  The story of these two is one of my favorites, because it illustrates how resilient and strong people and their hearts can be.  This post is not about them.  Nor is it about the wonderful family vacation we spent on the Cape and Martha's vineyard, even though that was a highlight in my life, as well.  This is about the chance sighting that I had on that trip of a stuffed witch, with wooden legs, smashing into a telephone pole.  These are now ubiquititous, but it was the first time I had seen one and it cracked me up.  It looked homemade, and since I figured that they had created it, I assumed that I would have to fashion one on my own as well.  Of course, I was wrong

Anyhow, last year, when my daughter attended a private school, they had a yearly "White Elephant" sale that all parents had to volunteer.  I volunteered for the last day, and I was present for the closing of the sale.  Anything that was left over was going into the trash, so, with witches on my mind, I scored a free headless doll (why no one bought that, I'll never know!), a black stretchy pair of pants, a "decorative" straw broom wall hanging, and a lime green, very pouffy, scrunchy.  A year later, a neighbor brought over all sorts of miscellaneous items that included a pile of red curly hair.  Knowing this one random item, can you even begin to imagine what sort of items were included?  Anyhow, since she knows I can make shit out of any old thing (I recovered her old IKEA couch, I should write a post on that!), she knew that those bizarre, off-the-wall items had my name written all over it.

So, I painted the doll's legs and feet, cut out a black outfit, cut a piece of old broom stick and attached the decorative broom to the end with an eye screw, put the scrunchy around her waist, glued on the hair and voila!  Ghetto witch crash!  It's ghetto because her hands aren't on the broom, and because she is dangling from the branch like she was hung, not an accident victim.  Oh, well, I'll perfect it later!


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