Saturday, October 20, 2012

Santa's Helper Needs Help Keeping Secrets

My hiding place for the "Made in West Germany" furniture was discovered.  I was crestfallen.  Little Curiousity Queen noted that the bed "needs a mattress".  Well, at least that's still a surprise.  I made a mattress mostly copied from this site, although I skipped the boxspring, and instead of making buttons out of cardstock, I used Recollections mini brads.  I simply bent the arms back and forth until they broke off, and used the brad head only.  Can you believe that Kris made that bed out of paper, poster board and glue?  Kris, I bow to thee.

Actually, the biggest surprise is that the mattress doesn't fit in the bed frame, and also, it's crooked.  This mattress will go inside a math manipulative bed frame, and either sold, or traded.  So, I get to make another to fit the furniture I bought and that she already knows about.  It better fit, I tell you.  How does Santa do it?  Then I get to make bed clothes, assuming that this mattress fits.  The fitted sheet tutorial that I will follow is from Pickup Some Creativity.  Wish this elf luck.


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