Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Was Forced to Buy Yet Another Dollhouse

I've encountered more than my fair share of those sickening people who score great things so cheaply.  I have a friend that gets giant buckets of Legos from Craigslist for $15, and I follow the blog of a woman who scored a beautiful campaign chest with brass fittings for $10, and yet I can't seem to find a break.  Okay, I do find an awful lot of stuff that comes in handy such as stacking baskets, Barbie dreamhouses, chotchkes and doodads, but never anything I really need!  Alright, and a cool bookcase that fits perfectly in my foyer.  And, still, I fare unfavorably compared to some other people, until today!  I regularly scour the website, and I recently spied not one, but two interesting items in the two flanking pictures.

The title of this post may have given away the item in the second picture.  Those of you with sharp eyes and a very keen imagination can identify the item in the first picture.  It is a copper fountain, of the type that I have been eyeing for quite some time.  I want one to a) drown out the sounds of the LIE and the planes landing at La Guardia, and b) to inspire my 5 a.m, meditation/yoga sessions that will surely happen once I acquire a fountain feature!  I'll get back to you on the latter, but the former already has proven a disappointment.  Anyhow, I wanted one, so I got one.  The copper artsy kind run $500 to $700, but my (tarnished, but working) one cost a mere $50!  That was my gas money, but who cares!  I own a fountain!

Doesn't drown out anything, but I
still like it.  The tones match the
wall art colors (another estate sale
find).  That horrible plastic pipe is
"temporary" (read: will be there for
5-10 years unless I nag)
In contrast, I do not need, nor want another dollhouse, as I documented.  But I was curious if the house came with furniture (it did).  I couldn't help but ask how much they wanted for the house, and I was told $25.  Great, I'm not tempted  Then, the man running the sale volunteered $20.  No, I really don't want it.  But then, upon check out, buying my "Made in West Germany" hand painted dollhouse furniture, and inquiring the price of said furniture, the seller then said if I took the furniture for $10, he throw in the dollhouse.  Well, now, how can one say no?  Our current dollhouse is too small and we need to upgrade.  He was basically forcing me to take it, you see?  I am weak, I cannot resist such things.  So, it sits in my garage, under a Care Bear tablecloth, waiting for Mrs. Fixit to clean, renew and redecorate it for Christmas.  Why, oh why, did I do this to myself again?


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