Saturday, June 8, 2013

School Mini Project in High Gear

I did the cutting of the windows and doors,
everything else was completed by students.
Obviously, the shutters did not go
through quality control, since they are of
extremely different sizes.
Still-to-be-completed walkways,
fountain and streetlamps, underneath
the 7 x 3 = 21 fact family (yes, I
 teach sixth grade) and an attempt
at a fleur de lys.
It's truly amazing what a difference enjoying teaching makes to one's demeanor.  I don't mind going to work, and I even like some of the students more.  We are building miniature models of the French Quarter.  The students are doing all the work, with the exception of the using of the carpet knife to cut out the windows and doors.  The balconies and the fountain required hot glue, and, yes, I had students do that.  That takes nerves of steel, let me tell you, considering that, when they were told to only wear black or orange shirts to school, a student wanted to know, "and no pants?".   Teachers are brave fools, for sure.

The students drew these from
 artwork printed off the
computer.  They're charming (the
art, not the students - ha ha!)



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