Thursday, June 13, 2013

School Miniature Project and Christmas in July Update: Celtic Knot Rug

One day, I will make a full scale version of this
Knot bad for my first try.
I completed another item for the Christmas in July swap: a Celtic knot twine rug.  I've long wanted to recreate a twine rug in full scale, along the lines of the Roost beauty that was a) expensive and b) no longer available.  I actually started spiraling twine to make a Roost knockoff, but I abandoned it due to technical difficulties. To complete the mini rug, I followed a pattern from the International Guild of Knot Tyers.  I love knowing that such a thing as a knot tyer guild exists.  The pattern is deceptively difficult to follow.  I used pins to hold the overlaps, and I used a yarn needle to make the job easier.  Still, there are places where I went under when I was supposed to go over and vice versa.  On my second attempt, I'm going to fix these mistakes by correcting them on the second iteration of the pattern, and then undoing the entire first pass, and redoing the pattern correctly.  It went quicker the second time, although the do-overs will stall my progress.  If you're going to try this, may I suggest a pillow underneath the pinned cardboard?  Otherwise, it will look as if you were attacked by a maniac cat.

Balconies are mostly attached
Street lamp
The miniature version of the French Quarter is coming along nicely.  We attached the strawberry basket balconies, and we made a lantern out of cardboard, a planter, transparencies and a dowel.  Students are drawing scenes and ironwork on the bulletin board.  The students are now out of control, and it will be impossible to reel them back in once the project is over.  Luckily, there is only a week and two days left after the competition.


  1. I love the French Quarter project! Good luck to you and your students! It looks great so far.



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