Tuesday, June 4, 2013

School Project Starts in Earnest

I'll never look at a broken umbrella the same again.  Since the populace in the neighborhood in which I teach is not in the habit of using trashcans nor of sweeping up, there are a lot of little goodies everywhere.  One day, I thought I had stumbled across some sort of charger, so I picked it up.  Another day, there was a nice little umbrella made with a satiny pink fabric, and thought it would make a wonderful accent pillow, so I grabbed that, as well.  During my umbrella deconstruction I realized that the thing I thought was a charger was actually the mechanism for opening and closing an umbrella.

Umbrella moving part + Christmas bulb = ?
Bubble tea straws +
My New Orleans scene in school is in need of streetlamps, so those little circular black things will serve as the base, with a bubble tea straw post and a
Pencil eraser holder cutters
with the polymer clay shapes
they created
Christmas bulb top.  I did some sawing and drilling today and hope to create balconies out of those pieces.  And from the tops of pencils I've created mini stamps to cut out leaves and fleurs-de-lis to decorate the balconies, which are strawberry baskets cut in half decorated with phone wire.  Everything is in pieces and ready to be assembled.  I am actually having fun "teaching" now!

Strawberry basket balconies
with phone wire curlicues.


  1. I think that's very sad that those people dont take pride in their neighborhood but on the bright side you did find some treasures.

  2. Hi Linda! This really is going to be from Trash to Treasures! Good mini eyes! This looks to be a very innovative transformation and I look forward to further developments.




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