Thursday, August 1, 2013


My tech skills are rusty.  There is no debating that.  I only just restored my phone from the unneccessary factory reset I did over a month ago.  I  worked out the admin password for my laptop this week in order to load software.  And I brought my scanner back to life.  These processes took half of my summer vacation. 

So, my ancient hardware is puttering along again, so that it all may slowly break down in the course of the school year, so that I can repeat this annually.  After I "recalled" the laptop password (and, "recalled" is in quotes, because I did remember it, but it had been entered with the caps lock on), I installed my photo editor program, and finally cleaned up my website header.  I also had to figure out what was making the image lead with white, requiring me to thread through Style Sheets, which I only understand a fractional speck of a smattering.  So, it wasn't easy.  But, I think it finally looks decent.
pretty bad

an improvement

that took forever!


  1. Hi Linda! I am relieved that someone who I believe is ONE SMART LADY has the same struggles as I do when it comes to anything that has to do with programing a computer. I dread it when something goes awry with this machine and usually have to rely on my oh so smart daughter to bail me out of the mess that I have found myself in. It seems to happen a lot less frequently, but it does still happen. I think your header looks Great and the fact that you did it yourself...... PRICELESS!


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. I am so proud that I visit my blog just to see my new header. After more than two years blogging, the anticipation did not lead to a letdown! I think the fact that it took that long makes me appreciate it (and others) more.



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