Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Being Bradys

A typical nighttime look for a
mother of six, only if she doesn't
work and has a maid.
My little  joke that I keep from my husband is how I can't be Carol Brady and Alice.  You know, if Carol had to clean the house and feed the kids and launder eight of everything everyday, then those scandalous scenes where Mrs. Brady wore her fluffy nightie in the shared marital bed will not be possible.  Her bouffant would never have existed, and her patience with Cindy using the word "stinker" would have been seriously dimished if she was lugging groceries and washing dishes, I am sure.

I just know this woman does NOT
have a problem with the cake I made
for her!
I now realize that I am Mike Brady, as well, because I'm the one out there making a living.  That Hawaiian vacation isn't going to pay for itself!  And, since I don't have three girls and three boys, I have to entertain and supervise my little one a la Marcia and Greg.  So, I guess what I am saying is that I am the entire Brady Bunch, minus the X factor and the young, thin, sexually budding bodies.  My problems don't resolve themselves in 30 minutes, though.


  1. you know if she had to do all those things the show would be a lot more interesting (or should I say would have been) My world is like desparate Housewives only without the murder and double the drama.




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