Friday, August 2, 2013

Christmas in July

I completed my Christmas in July swap with Rosa Maria in Spain.  Thank you, Mini Jazzi, for setting this up!  It was my first swap, and I did it like a total beginner.  My first mistake was not taking a picture of the items I sent.  The second mistake was making big things.  I made a pipe cleaner Christmas tree, a Celtic knot rug and a lounge chair from coffee stirrers (picture not available).  So, the items suffered from a lack of a theme.  Everyone else made such delicate little things.  And third, I didn't wrap the items nor put in a card.  Well, now I know how to do this, and next time I will do it more properly.  Sorry, Rosa!

The contents were even more amazing!!!
I receive my items, and honestly, the packaging was so well done that I thought Rosa had made me little Christmas presents to put under the mini tree.  But, when I squeezed the packages, it felt as if there were things inside.  Wow!  Look at the loot!

They were packaged so nicely
I thought the gifts were the

She made me a bulletin board decorated with tiny Christmas cards and holly sprays, the most amazing doily ever, a bead wreath, and my personal favorite, flowers!!  I am in awe.  This was so fun, and now I have a new friend in Spain.  I hope she likes my presents, and she is understanding that she was paired with a total newbie.  Merry Christmas, everyone.


  1. i am sure your swap partner will be ever so happy anyway!!! Don't worry ...the main point is the fun and getting to know new friends!!!! :)

  2. Hi Linda! Your Christmas stocking is now full, with these lovely little treats! What fun getting presents in the mail! Have fun playing with your goodies!




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