Monday, May 6, 2013

Do Your Civic Duty: Vote!

I did it!  I made the deadline, mostly.  From what I can tell, not everyone who participated made the deadline.  I would have liked to make shades for each room, and I didn't get the lighting working (aside from the capiz shell chandelier), and I didn't even try to finish the rug.  That's been "in progress" for a year.  The contest took a backseat to the latest project, Tootie Pie's sixth birthday party.  But, I'm not embarrassed by my entry.  It is not up to the standards of Brae at Otterine (seriously!), but one day I may be a her level.  One day in the distant future.  Or, a parallel universe.  But, I'm still proud of myself.
Trying to make a mold of the one
original, large window that came
with the house.  The mold release is
critical, folks.  I almost removed a
finger trying to get my original out
of the mold.
Voting ends in less than a week.  You may place your vote here, and a synopsis of the finalists is here.  I'm still going through all the entries myself.  Big thank yous to Christina of Little Victorian for starting the contest.

My goal, as I stated in the beginning, was not to win, but to learn and network.  So, I've already reached my goal.  Another goal will be to not come in last place.  I'm reaching for the stars here, I know, since, if I'm honest, my entry is nowhere near as good as most of the others.  But, I did my best.  I'm proud how it turned out. 

I had a great time trying my hand at so many different disciplines.  I suffered a punctured finger, spray painted my face (luckily I was wearing my glasses), I knotted my hair up in the electric drill, and got more hot glue burns than I could count.   Seriously, I had a great time.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


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