Thursday, May 9, 2013

Princess Tootie Pie Is Six!

Princess Tootie Pie's new silky
Why, oh why, were light up
Cinderella slippers not
available when I was six?
Our formal celebration will be this Saturday, but we went shopping yesterday and she opened her presents from me.  She said she wanted to shop at "The Sparkle Store".  I needed to ask a few questions about that. She wanted to buy sparkles, so of course, that would necessitate a trip to the Sparkle Store. Duh, Mom! She wanted to buy jewels, and after a bit of investigative work on my part, and some internet sleuthing, it seemed like a big "Bucket of Bling" was in order.  We went to Michaels, and got a bag of jewels, some Crayola Pip Squeak glitter glue, a crown, and some markers that blend three colors together.  Thank goodness for those 40% off coupons, because bling ain't cheap, people.

My princess
Today, I took her to school to celebrate with brownie cupcakes from Costco, personalized with homemade frosting and pink edible sand.  I got to stay for circle time and sang some songs featuring the "ell" and "unch" family of words.  Laura got to use the pointer for her classmates.  I walked out of her school with such a huge smile on my face, and I had a nicer demeanor to my own students, and the good mood still is with me as I write this. 

Surrounded by her besties, who were brought
to the rug by the hand.  They are inspecting the
crown, but of course.

My six-year old!

Tootie Pie is my joy, my world, my life.  I love her never-ending tall tales, her infectious giggle, her amazing curiosity and intellect, and her songs that she creates on the fly and tries to pass off as a known hit.  We have developed such a bond that I can reason with her through her little bêtises (like letting one friend know about another friend's party that she wasn't invited to, or loading a school toilet with too much toilet paper) and she listens.  Goodness knows that a child that listens is every parents' dream.  She doesn't always mind me, but she does learn and improve every day.  And she started out good.  Imagine the woman she will become!  She will rule the world, I tell you!
How does one not leave this bunch with a smile?


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