Sunday, May 5, 2013

Undersized Urbanite Final Reveal

"Befores" on Left
"Afters" on Right

The master bedroom
The bathroom
The kitchen

The kid's room
 The living room
The dining room

There is a tutu-clad giant outside the window
and door.  Still working on the lights, held
up with tape.
The laptop is browsing "The Hardway"
We've come a long way, baby.  I bought this dollhouse on a whim, seeking mini furniture for the dollhouse I built for my daughter two Christmases ago.  I actually did not want it at all, since it is large, but the estate sale organizer negotiated it down to $10 for the furniture and house, so I wasn't going to leave it there.  A bout of cancer, a dental emergency, and an intrusive party to be planned all conspired to prevent me from participating in this event, but I perservered.  If anything, Undersized Urbanite kept me from totally losing it.  Please let the cancer influence your vote, also!

If you'd like more details on the progress, check out all of my posts here.

Capiz chandelier, Chinoiserie wall art, Nelson
ball clock in a corner of the dining room.

A transformed corner of  the master bedroom

A corner of the kid's room.

Always dishes to be done.

My cute cape!


  1. I love that bright kitchen! Well done!

  2. I'll repeat myself and say how much I love the creative finishes you chose throughout the house. Your accessories are fun and unique, too! Wonderful transformation! :D

    1. Coming from you, Brae, that is quite a compliment. Tootie Pie and I looked at your reveal and she had a look of wonder mixed with joy when looking at your little studio.

  3. It's gorgeous, Linda! I love all of it. I can't decide which is my favorite room, the living room or the kitchen. See, your yellow kitchen turned out so well, so glad you didn't tone it down. :)

    1. All it needed was natural light, and it doesn't look so brash. I feel honored to be part of the contestants; they are all so talented. Thank you again.

  4. Looks like we shop at the same appliance depot :), so it goes without saying that I love your kitchen! The ikat in the bathroom is beautiful. The before and after shots really illustrate how much work you did, and what a lovely house you have now!

    1. I noticed that, too, only you have upper cabinets. Did you make those? Were they by another maker and you painted them? BTW, I love the little table in the corner. I couldn't figure out how to solve the corner issue and you had such a great solution.

  5. That wallpaper is hilarious in the kids room. And the livingroom is a beautie!

  6. I think that you have done a Most Impressive job with all the challenges that faced you! The house has a welcoming atmosphere and you have furnished it beautifully! Well done!


  7. Great transformation of your pretty house, you've added so many fantastic details.

  8. It's all very bright and modern looking now. It was fun seeing how you redecorated this house. I love your wallpaper choices!

  9. The living room chair is gorgeous! I also love the sunny yellow paint in the kitchen. Good job!



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