Thursday, May 2, 2013

Door Frames AND Window Frames

My to-do list for the Undersized Urbanite is reduced to three items: working lamps, Moroccan rug, and the newly added item of window shades.  The deadline is in a week and a day.  I can't believe that I am so nearly done.  Of course, dollhouses are never "done", and I will be changing things up after the deadline I'm sure.

I wanted to make door frames to hide the edges of the wallpaper.  I forgot to frame the front door!  But, the inner door frames are now trimmed, and, since I realized how nice this finishing touch looked, I then made window trim.  The pictures below also show a new corner bookcase in the master bedroom, as well as the Chinoiserie plaster sakura wall art in the dining room.


  1. I love your wall finishes, but that monster paper is the best! :D I hate to scare you, but the deadline is actually in two days from now. :O Bring on the caffeine!

  2. Wow! Your little house has turned out so well, in spite of the things that you had to fix when broken. I really like this and you have done a great job! Hurry up and get it finished! You don't want to miss the deadline!




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