Friday, December 28, 2012

Idea to Improve my Daily Appearance

While researching overdying, for my master bed linen redo, I saw a lot of bloggers who overdye thrifted outfits.  That's great in and of itself, but what got my attention was that some of them blog about what they wear, every day of the year.  I've seen some good blog themes, like doing one good deed a day (which I've started in our household, but so far our only good deed is giving the backyard squirrels pistachio nuts.  Okay, and I invited my childhood friend with stage 4 cancer free use of our home while she is a patient at Sloan Kettering), trying one new thing a week, and other things that look like they could be fun.  But taking a picture of oneself everyday?  That would be work (the getting camera-ready, not the taking of the picture)!  Perhaps I could do that only on work days, since days like today, I'm not dressing to shave sweaters, paint a ceramic elephant and dye linens. 

Before, zombie pink
Mid-redo, fresh white

And finished product
So, speaking of the elephant, here she is before, middle of redo, and after.  She was cute and pink before, but the pink had faded unevenly, and the shade may best be described as "Zombie Pink".  It was time for a freshening up, since I assume she is from the 1950's and as such, has been sporting the same shade for over sixty years.  So, out comes the ceramic paint, which is fairly close to foolproof.  The two colors I had on hand were white and shocking pink (which I used on my owl on the shelf, here), so I went with the white for her.  I feel she has at least 60 years left in her now.


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