Saturday, December 29, 2012

Undersized Urbanite To-Do List

    Master Bedroom
    Living Room
Now that Christmas is over, I can work on the dollhouse in the open.  Here is the status of the home as of year end, 2012, along with the to-do list of little improvement projects.  I will cross them out as they are completed.  The easiest should be to locate the shower holder, although it is small, and our house, even though tiny compared to most others, is like a haystack to my shower holder needle.  I hate to have to make another.  Ah, well.

Dining Room
As proof that children will believe in Santa Claus until they are good and ready to stop, despite a world of unbelievers, when L's friend's mother was admiring it, she said how I had done this and done that.  Well, L put her in her place immediately, telling her "No, Santa Claus brought it!".  I remember being that indignant with other children circulating malicious rumors about Santa not really existing.  We will believe until the day that our parents level with us and tell us, that, no, there really is no Santa Claus.  Or, that, yes, there is a Santa, and he lives inside of each one of us, which is the explanation I prefer.  Some people think that telling children a lie is heartless, but I'm of the opinion that children deserve a little magic.  Besides, they will need faith and belief throughout life, so what's the harm?  L believes in fairies, and, incredibly, at the end of Madagascar 3, she turned to me and asked "Was that real?".  Bless her heart, the world is still magical and it still holds a place for a man who gives toys to everyone and zoo animals that steer a van through the streets of Paris and, well, whatever else happens in Madagascar 3.  Why would I not want her to think such lovely thoughts?

Bathroom & Bedroom - please notice TRIPLE
baby bunkbed, people.  L asked, what is the word
after triple?  Quadruple, why?  Now she wants
a quadruple baby bunkbed.

Kitchen - of all the rooms, the least finished


Ahem!  Right!  The to-do list:
  1. Bolster Pillow - I just think they look cool
  2. Finish Pink Moroccan Pattern Rug
  3. Finish Egg Chair
  4. Make 2 Window Molds for Keystone House
  5. Put in "Glass" in Windows
  6. Make a Laminate Floor for Keystone Floors - half completed (lower floors) 1/9/13
  7. Finish Herringbone Floor (Sand and Polyurethane) completed 1/2/13
  8. Locate Shower Holder and Install in Bathroom - gave up on relocating and fashioned a new one 1/9/13
  9. Wallpaper Each Room - half completed (lower floors) 1/9/13
  10. Make Square Arm Armchair
  11. Make Dining Room Chandelier (my idea is Faboo)
  12. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize


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