Monday, December 10, 2012

The Before Shots of My Undersized Urbanite Project

My Keystone dollhouse project is hidden until Christmas, so it is difficult for me to photograph surreptiously.  But, since we had company over the weekend, and I needed to put my flooring project away temporarily, I stored it in the dollhouse and stole a couple of pictures.  I also set up my bathroom furniture in the pink upstairs room, and, wouldn't you know it, the ceilings are too low for the corner vanity?  Even if I move the bathroom down the hall, the second floor ceilings will not accomodate the vanity against the back wall, and I cannot place it anywhere else.  So, luckily I have a cool Tomy bathroom set.  Should I modify the vanity by removing the bottom shelf, or go with the Tomy?  We'll see what I come up with there.
This is the lower level, which
will be the kitchen.  The vanity
fits there, but it doesn't go in
the kitchen!  It looks wonky
because I haven't yet fixed
the floor.
The vanity doesn't fit in this
room. Hence, it will be a
 bedroom, but the ceilings
 are equally low throughout
the second floor!

The ground floor has wallpaper fitted for the dining room, and, although not shown yet in the pictures below, it is fabulous.  I am going to use the half wall from the great room upstairs to partition the bathroom, and downstairs I will use my new and improved orange juice cap dividing screen.  The lower heat setting on the iron did the trick.  The ground floor should look great in time for Christmas.  I also have to fix the front door, which has a major chip on one side, and make a successful replacement set of windows.  I did make a mold and casting of the one large window that came with the house, but that leaked out of the mold, and I didn't use mildew remover mold release, so it cracked when removing it from the mold.  Will the second time be the charm?
The floor looks good in its
future home
Success making a geometric



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